Apperson Award

The Richard L. Apperson Award, named in honor of PCACAC's first president, is the association's highest honor presented to a PCACAC member.  It is awarded annually to a member whose career embodies the ideals of the association - providing extraordinary service to students, to PCACAC and to the college counseling profession. We are please to announce that the 2015 Apperson Award winner is Jayne Caflin Fonash.

altAlthough Jayne did not begin her career with college counseling as a goal, it is the area in which she has excelled and grown as a professional. Perhaps some of this can be attributed to her early work in child protective services, social work and mental health services. It was through these experiences that she refined her already strong sense of advocating for those who could least advocate for themselves.

Jayne has proven time and again how committed and dedicated she is to all those we serve.  Through this she has served in various leadership roles:

  • As PCACAC President from 2010-2011
  • On the PCACAC Government Relations Committee and then later as its Chair.
  • On the national NACAC Government Relations Committee since 2012, when in 2013 she was selected as the recipient of the 2013 NACAC Government Relations Award.


She remains committed to serving those who are underserved and carried her message and shared her knowledge by testifying in front of the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill on behalf of NACAC in June 2014. The topic, something near and dear to her as a school counselor, was The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act. 

Just as Richard Apperson was committed to providing extraordinary service to students, committed to making PCACAC the best association it could be, and committed to the counseling profession, so is Jayne. She is grounded in her belief that all students deserve to be represented, that all of us should be valued as professionals, and that we each have a role to play in effecting change for the better. No one could better sum up why the PCACAC Executive Committee chose this year’s recipient for the Richard L. Apperson Award than Virginia House of Delegates member Alfonso Lopez when he stated at the recent NACAC Legislative Conference, “If you want to make an impact, be Jayne Fonash.”

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Apperson Award Winners, 1973-present