Current Trends/Future Issues Committee

Mission Statement

The Committee on Current Trends and Future Issues (CTFI) annually reviews trends in counseling, college admission and enrollment management.  The Committee makes recommendations for programs and services that educate and inform members and other publics about professional issues and trends.

Chair: David "Butch" Hamilton, St. Marys Ryken High School (MD)

Members of the Committee: 

  • Kyle Allwine, University of Mary Washington (VA)
  • Theresa Bedoya, Maryland Institute College of Art (MD)
  • Shirley Bloomquist, Educational Consultant (VA)
  • Elizabeth Dugas, University of Alabama (AL)
  • Gardner Humphreys, George C. Marshall High School (VA)
  • Rachel Loving, Maggie Walker Governor's School (VA)
  • Liz Menter, Virginia Tech (VA)
  • Stefanie Niles, Hollins University (VA)
  • Ann Marie Strauss, Garrison Forest School (MD)
  • Ashley Woodard, Longwood University (VA)

Resources and Readings

Our committee will periodically post links to articles and resources related to college admission and/or guidance.  Even if we don’t all agree with these articles, we hope they will be thought-provoking and spark a discussion among our members.  Have an article you’d like to add?  Email a link to


Spring 2015 Articles

The College Application Process

Applications by the Dozen, as Anxious Seniors Hedge College Bets

Colleges that invite graded papers in lieu of essays or test scores

Little College Guidance: 500 High School Students Per Counselor

College Admissions Racket: They're Not Going to Let You In Anyway

10 Admissions Trends for 2015

Forget Harvard and Stanford. It really doesn’t matter where you go to college.

How to Survive the College Admissions Madness


The Costs of Higher Education

Colleges often give discounts to the rich. But here’s one that gave up on ‘merit aid.’

FAFSA® Completion by High School

Are Louisiana’s Higher Ed Problems Viral?


The Future of Testing

A Harder SAT: College Board release foreshadows the most challenging test to date

VCU to drop SAT requirement  


College Athletics

4 ways getting rid of redshirting would make the NCAA better for players


In College and Beyond

Millennials' Weak Skills Threaten America's Competitiveness

5 Things College Students Need to Know About Employment Tests

Effects/Changing atmosphere on college campuses with major influx of Chinese students

Here’s What Will Truly Change Higher Education: Online Degrees That Are Seen as Official

Archive of Previous CTFI Articles

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