Esteemed Colleagues,

As you prepare for some much needed time off, I wanted to thank you for your membership in PCACAC. On behalf of the students you serve, your PCACAC leadership team says “Thank you!” Thank you for your commitment to your own professional growth. Thank you for your desire to work with colleagues on both sides of the desk to create the right opportunities for each of  your students. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to equity and access in the college admissions process. Thank you for choosing this amazing profession of service to others. Thank you for sharing your talents with those you serve every day.

In early November I had the pleasure of volunteering at the DC NACAC College Fair. What an amazing experience this was for me. As I sat with students and answered questions, I was reminded of why I do this work in the first place. A college education can be absolutely life changing. High school students, current college students and those looking to attend arrived with a plethora of questions to ask BUT even more questions that they did not know to ask. As experts in our work, we are fluent in the alphabet soup of college admissions, while many of our students and families crave information, understanding and direction. I was blessed to watch a young woman looking to transfer from a school in NC to a school in our region experience an epiphany. We were 30 minutes into our conversation when I realized that she did not understand that most, if not all, of her credits from the community college would actually transfer to a four year school. Prior to that moment, she had always thought that if she was working towards, or finished, her Associate’s Degree that beginning to work on a Bachelor’s Degree would require her to start over. Oh the delight when she finally understood how the process works! The relief on her face was priceless. I, along with several PCACAC volunteers, had a truly blessed day working with students and families at the fair.

Please know that your work makes a difference!

Blessings to all of you, your family and your friends during this holiday season.

Warm Regards,

Robyn A. Lady
PCACAC President

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