Nominating Committee

Nominating Chair:  Joel Lang, Padua Academy (DE)

Committee Members:

  • Rebekah LaPlante, PCACAC President, Radford University (VA)
  • James B. Massey, Jr., PCACAC President-Elect, University of Maryland, College Park (MD)
  • Scott Mayer, Credentials and Bylaws Chair, Christopher's School (VA)


The PCACAC Nominating Committee values your opinion as we identify the following 2021 Executive Board candidates.  Each position holds a three-year term.

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President of Finance
  • At-Large Delegate

Both the chairperson of the Admission Practices committee and the chairperson of the Credentials and Bylaws committee are appointed by the President of PCACAC and approved by the PCACAC Executive Board, which includes those in the PCACAC Presidential cycle, Vice President of Finance, Executive Vice President, and other standing PCACAC committee chairpersons.  While these are normally Presidentially appointed and Board approved positions, these positions are tied to PCACAC delegate positions, and delegates must be voted in by members of PCACAC who are also NACAC members.  Hence, those positions will be single-slated on the next PCACAC general election ballot.  

Please review the duties of each available position in the Call for Nominations.  Current membership is required in order to submit a nomination.  If you are NOT a current PCACAC member, you may join while submitting your nomination through the following form: 

Candidate Application and Institutional Support Form

The official candidate nomination filing deadline is Friday, February 5, 2021. Nominees will be notified regarding candidacy status by the end of February.

The election will be held from March 8 to April 18, 2021.  A final announcement will be made during the Membership Meeting on Monday, April 19, at PCACAC's 56th Annual Conference.  Newly elected officers will take office July 1, 2021.

2020 Election

The Nominating Committee thanks you for casting your vote during the 2020 election!  LEARN MORE about our elected officers.