Using the PCACAC Logo

Logo Use Policy by Members
September 2018

Member Identification with PCACAC:

PCACAC Bylaws (Article III.4) state “Members shall comply with NACAC's Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP), and ensure high professional standards in the recruitment of students and the transition to postsecondary education.”

While members are encouraged to identify themselves and their institutions as PCACAC members and subscribers to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice, such identification shall not be used in a manner that suggests or implies endorsement by PCACAC.

The following rules govern usage of the association’s logoThe PCACAC logo is a registered mark owned by the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling.

  1. The PCACAC logo may not be altered in any way by any party.
  2. A member's use of the PCACAC logo shall not damage PCACAC's reputation or endanger PCACAC's rights in the use of the logo.
  3. PCACAC members must obtain permission from the association to post electronic or publish print versions of the logo and must adhere to the following rules:
    1. The official PCACAC logo may be placed next to, but may not be incorporated into, any other logo or graphic design. Likewise, the logo may not be combined or placed over other design elements such as photography, type or borders.
    2. The logo’s original horizontal-to-vertical proportions must remain intact, and the logo’s color should not be changed.
    3. The logo’s association title must remain legible.
    4. Members may only use the version of the logo provided by PCACAC.
    5. Members may not copy the logo from the PCACAC website or other sites/sources for placement on personal or professional materials.
  4. All members using the logo must provide PCACAC a link to the website or a copy of all publications where the logo is displayed.
  5. Use of the PCACAC logo is a member benefit and may only be displayed by members of PCACAC. If PCACAC membership is terminated for any reason, the PCACAC logo must be removed from all websites, electronic communication and printed materials immediately.
  6. PCACAC may revoke any member’s right to use the logo if the member fails to adhere to any part of this policy for any reason.
  7. Failure to follow the PCACAC policy on member identification with PCACAC may also serve as the basis for censure, suspension or termination of membership.

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