Inclusion, Access and Success

Chair:  Calvin Wise, Johns Hopkins University (MD)

Vice Chair: Jose Garcia, Rhodes College (TN)

Committee Members:

  • Charlain Bailey, Independent Educational Consultant (MD)
  • Rachel Cleaver, George Mason University (VA)
  • Natalie Estelle, Western High School (MD)
  • Denine House, Bowie State University (MD)
  • Melisa Hypolite, College Bound Foundation (MD)
  • Gina King, University of Maryland Baltimore County (MD)
  • Chris Miller, Sandy Spring Friends School (MD)
  • Ummi Modeste, Retired (MD)
  • Desvan Moody, KIPP Forward - Baltimore (MD)
  • Jeff Smith, University of Tennessee (TN)
  • Suzyn-Elayne Soler, Archmere Academy (DE)
  • Anshay Tull, Baltimore Design School (MD)
  • Michael Walden, The SEED School of Maryland (MD)


Mission Statement

The Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee develops and recommends goals which promote sensitivity to human differences and guide the expansion of equal access for all students to post-secondary opportunities.

 The Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee strives to do the following:

  1. address issues regarding traditionally underrepresented student populations,
  2. ensure equal opportunity and access to education for students,
  3. provide professional development opportunities for educators who serve these students,
  4. promote the reality of the changing demographics of the U.S. and the implications for the students we all serve.

The Committee addresses the above concerns by working to increase the racial, geographical and institutional diversity of PCACAC; supporting the NACAC National College Fairs in our region; providing presentations at our Conferences and administering the Marion Flagg Scholarship program.

The IAS Committee Presented These Sessions:

College Workshop in Harrisonburg, VA
April 9, 2022
The Conference Planning Committee and the IAS Committee co-sponsored a workshop for Harrisonburg, Virginia families before the spring PCACAC Conference. The workshop covered topics such as building a college list, components of the application, essays, and financial aid.

Virtual Presentation on Maryland State Financial Aid Programs
February 24, 2022
The IAS Committee and CBO SIG co-sponsored a session that provided an overview of Maryland State Financial Aid Programs. A staff member from the Maryland Higher Education Commission presented and fielded questions.

Exploring the Use of CBO Profiles and Recommendation Letters for College Admissions
October 26, 2021
The IAS Committee and the CBO SIG co-sponsored a session to explore the usefulness of CBO’s creating an Organization Profile and/or submitting letters of recommendation for students in their programs. We discussed what info should be included on a profile and in recommendation letters and how admission staff use that information in reviewing student applications.

Joining Hands for College

Philosophy: JHC is a grass roots initiative for stretching college counseling into the community. The program flows up from each community rather than using a top down model that is administered at the Board level. The goal is for the program to succeed independently with the support and guidance of the Board but not the administration.


  • A minimum of two programs a year in the region.
  • Offer a template for the Joining Hands program that is accessible on the website for any motivated professional to develop in their community.
  • To provide the human resources, reaching out to students in need.
  • To possibly expand the program to other community groups.
  • For colleges to consider hosting a program.

Marion Flagg Scholarship

The Marion Flagg Scholarship is awarded annually to a group of exceptional education professionals who are not currently members of PCACAC and have not attended a PCACAC Conference.  These professionals are generally high school counselors, two- or four-year college admission professionals, independent counselors or persons who work in such outreach programs as “I Have a Dream” and “Upward Bound.”  The Scholarship covers both the costs of the Conference (including registration fees, hotel, meals and travel) and a year of membership in PCACAC.  The Scholarship is named in honor of Marion R. Flagg, one of the organization's most outstanding members and a tireless advocate for underrepresented students.

Student Support Grant

Do you have a student event or project that you’d like to see come to life?  We recognize that members may not always have the financial resources to implement student programming and, since 2013, have provided help through our Student Support Grant (SSG).  If you know a way to help your students in the college process, but don't have the funds to carry it out, or you know of a community program that needs funding to deliver college counseling programming, we may be able to help fund the program you have been dreaming about! Each year we accept applications for the Student Support Grantdesigned to reimburse counseling professionals in their development and implementation of programs that directly benefit students. 

Who may apply? PCACAC members may apply for a Student Support Grant for their own student program or they may wish to nominate a community member whose volunteer work nurtures college readiness.  For detailed information about the selection criteria and application process, please review the Student Support Grant (SSG) guidelines.