Leadership Education Webinar Series

PCACAC is offering a new professional development opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and expertise. Designed for admission and counseling professionals with experience who are looking to advance in the profession, this webinar series will focus on what leadership in college admission counseling means and give you essential insights and knowledge to help you grow. Those who participate in five (5) webinars throughout the year (each limited to a maximum of one hour) and attend the PCACAC Conference in April will earn a PCACAC Leadership Certificate, to be presented during the Conference.

Leadership Session 1 - Intersecting Views of Leadership:  High School and College
Wednesday, November 13, at 4:00pm


Presenters: Tish Canady (William & Mary) and Jennifer Scott (Norfolk Academy)

Moderated by Anthony Ambrogi (St. Catherine's School)

Hear from two experienced PCACAC members who have worked in both high schools and colleges to learn what leadership looks like at both levels, what lessons can be learned from each, and how leaders in each world can build skills through collaboration.

Questions?  Contact Anthony Ambrogi, [email protected]