Call for Session Proposals

Whether you've been in the profession for two years, twenty years, or more, we invite you to share your expertise and SUBMIT A SESSION PROPOSAL (or multiple proposals) for our 55th Annual Conference!  

Proposals should be on any area of interest to high school counselors and college admission professionals, including hot topics like those on our list of SUGGESTED SESSION TOPICS.  Session proposals can be for a full 75-minute session or for a 7-15 minute 'Anchor Talk' (depending on how many participants we have).

We are looking for motivated, passionate presenters for our conference sessions and welcome all session proposals. When thinking about what you'd like to present, please consider co-presenting with someone who can offer another viewpoint on the same topic. For example, if you want to submit a session on working with transfer students, include a co-presenter or a panel of presenters who offer various viewpoints, such as a 2-year college admissions counselor, a 4-year college admissions counselor, a high school counselor and/or a community-based organization.  A person from each of these areas can offer great insight into the same topic. 

Completing the online form is easy if you have the following information ready before you submit:

  • contact information for submitter and each presenter
  • session title (70 characters or less)
  • session description (75 words or less)
  • current PCACAC membership status for all presenters/panelists
  • a brief biographical sketch of each presenter, to include educational background

PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELORS interested in presenting for the first time at a PCACAC conference are invited to submit for a chance to receive free lodging for up to TWO nights if  selected to present (only proposal submitters will be considered).  Conference registration and travel costs will not be covered.

The following criteria and limitations apply:

  1. Only public high school counselors who work in the PCACAC region are eligible. The counselor must SUBMIT the session proposal AND confirm that this is their FIRST TIME presenting at a PCACAC conference by selecting that option on the proposal form.

  2. The award applies only to the submitter, not other presenters mentioned in the proposal.

  3. Up to six (6) awards will be presented.

Proposals are due by Monday, December 2, 2019. Each presenter may participate in no more than two sessions. Submitters will be notified o/a the end of January, 2020.

Be part of the conference team!  VOLUNTEER on the Conference Planning Committee (CPC).

Potomac & Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC)  |  #PCACAC55  |  [email protected] | 434-989-7557

Conference Chair:  Rosemary Martin, [email protected]

Sessions Chair & President-Elect:  Rebekah LaPlante, [email protected]