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Government Relations Chair: Ginger Miller, Landon School (MD)

Government Relations Vice-Chair: Nick Orban, University of Maryland, College Park (MD)

The Government Relations Committee has a point of contact for each of our member states, as well:

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PCACAC conducts our legislative goals and objectives through the Government Relations Committee.  Working closely with NACAC, other educational organizations and state advocacy groups, the Committee provides members with information on educational polices and proposals which affect the college counseling/admission profession and other important educational initiatives.  Through member e-blasts, the Committee provides members with tools to help a member express an opinion or give input to policy makers.

2017 College Access Agenda for States

Issues of particular importance included discussing the importance of lowering the counselor-to-student ratio because of the demands of the job. PCACAC supports the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) goal of adjusting the ratio for every counselor to 250 students. High school counselors have the responsibility and certification to address both mental health and school counseling (academic, career, personal) issues. Counselors are involved in helping students form realistic college lists. Counselors are involved in the complicated process of helping students apply to college as well as post-secondary planning for students who want career and technical education options. Additionally, access to continued professional development is critical for counselors. High school counselors also work in concert with college admissions counselors to help students find the best matches. We support the idea that college admissions officers should be free to decide in state/ out of state policies so that complex job of choosing students does not become even more complicated.

PCACAC GRC positions on specific House and Senate bills:

We are in support of:

  • House Bill 1857, sponsored by Delegate A. Lopez. This bill makes changes to in-state eligibility requirements, specifically stating that any student under DACA protection will maintain eligibility, even if the program ends.
  • House Bill 2344, sponsored by K. Kory. This bill is similar to HB 1857.

PCACAC opposes House Bills that appear to be anti-DACA/immigrant and seem to make colleges and universities de facto immigration enforcement officers. Specifically, House Bills 2001 and 2004, both sponsored by C. Poindexter, require that all higher education institutions strictly comply with immigration enforcement and that these higher education institutions report the number of full-time enrolled undergraduate students who are not American citizens, disclosing the amount of financial aid these students receive.

Students gave their personal information to colleges out of trust. We do not support using Homeland Security data for anything other than its original intended purpose. Even though many college presidents are trying to establish sanctuary campuses, they will not have laws for protection.

The PCACAC GRC strongly encourages members to become self-advocates by obtaining information about their rights and responsibilities and by contacting their legislators through letters, phone calls, and e-mails.

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