A Message from our President

Dear Colleagues:

As we navigate our new academic year, it is important for us all to continue to take the time to appreciate each other, our students and our collective mission to provide the very best for school communities and institutions.  It is also a great time to appreciate the exciting and innovative ways that we have discovered to not only continue to connect, whether in person or virtual, but also the new ways that we have found to truly enhance our engagement across so many topics that we all find ourselves interested in and in many cases deeply committed to supporting.   In all that you do, thank you for keeping our students first, for being good colleagues to each other during some of the most trying times that many of us have ever experienced, and for remaining committed to what binds us all together in this profession - working together for the collective success of all of our students!

As an organization, we continue to challenge each other to not only grow as professionals, but also to reach higher as individuals and as a collectives as described in our value statement.  We constantly seek new and innovative ways to thrive as a member organization as can be seen in PCACAC’s many new efforts such as our professional development webinars, our continued expansion of our affiliate’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to even launching our first virtual college fair!  As an organization, we certainly remain busy, but none of these accomplishments would be possible without you - the current and future members of PCACAC.  

I continue to ask that each of you reflect on the many opportunities that are available for you to get connected in PCACAC.  If each member can find that one thing that they can provide their full support for during the course of our membership year, I believe we will be even stronger as an organization.  It is my hope that each of you finds your one thing, that you get fully connected and watch the magic happen from there!  Please feel free to reach out to any committee chair, leadership team member, or me so that we can make sure that you get connected and involved with all that is happening in PCACAC!   

I am very proud to serve as your President and I believe that together we will accomplish great things as an organization!  Looking forward to the year ahead.

Warmest Regards,


— — — — — — — —

James B. Massey Jr.
PCACAC President
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742