Hello PCACAC friends and colleagues!

Here we are in November, the month of students meeting early deadlines and college counselors submitting supplementary materials.  Meanwhile, college admissions representatives are excited that they can finally unpack their suitcases as they look forward to spending hours each day reviewing application files.  This is a normal November!

Being that we are all extremely busy, I’ll keep this short.  November is the month of “Thanks”. I’d like to thank those who have made my November much easier. 

  • To our college-side friends, thanks for answering my many questions on behalf of my students and parents. 
  • For my fellow colleagues on the high school side, thanks for working selfishly to help those stressed students (and parents) well past the regular working hours to ensure a smooth college application process. 
  • To our IEC and CBO colleagues and friends, your work with students is opening up doors and shining a light on the wonderful post-secondary options that are out there.  Thank you for your tireless work!
  • Thanks to all those behind the scenes – the application processors, the administrative assistants, and student workers who are in the trenches doing the work that is vital to this entire college process. 

THANK YOU, my friends and colleagues.  Your time and efforts are absolutely appreciated.   You make this college admissions world go ‘round!   Please find time for friends, family and loved ones during this time of thanks!  You deserve it!


Joel Lang
PCACAC President
Director of College Advisement and School Counseling
Padua Academy (DE)